Small Tasks Done Quickly

Whatever the state of your current case, I can probably make it better.

I am happy to sweat the small stuff: perform supplemental or auxiliary tasks that put the shine on a report or strengthen deposition responses. For almost every aspect of a testifying expert's work (see "Litigation Support" sidebar), I can provide useful service in small doses.

Editorial Support

The tasks described below can be served with a few hours- (or days- or weeks-) worth of work. I am available for such small tasks. I have been called in to work on small tasks in the past and found that I enjoy leavening my time with such short-term accomplishments.

Report Doctor

I am a born (and experienced) editor. I can assist in cleaning up a report by improving the grammar, conforming language to pleadings, ordering arguments, and testing the internal consistency of the report. For rebuttals, I have a knack for spotting poorly chosen "facts" and for critical analysis of logical reasoning.

This service is independent of the technical field addressed in the report. I have a broad experience working in many industries (both as a businessman and as an expert), with a reading knowledge of scientific fields from physics to economics. I also have extensive experience with the standard workings of business: sales, accounting, invoicing, contracts, employment, etc.

I can improve almost any report while preserving the technical "voice" of the expert. No lapsing into lawyer-speak as I hone the precision of the language, avoid overstatement, and expand arguments to their greatest available scope.

Rebuttal Editor

I have a well-developed skill for sniffing out weakness in technical reports: unacknowledged assumptions, factual errors, and faulty logic. Whether directed to an entire report or just a single issue, I can almost always identify multiple lines of attack on arguments presented by technical experts.

Preliminary Invalidity/Infringement Contentions

Let me find academic papers that describe technology and research that are on point - presentations that presage or echo the concepts at issue in the case.

Similar research can help you to develop the steel man arguments for your preliminary infringement contentions.

Deposition Questions

For many attorneys it is difficult to really pin an expert down on a technical question. I can help. Together we can draft "bounding questions" that serve to highlight the non-responsive answers - and possibly force a real answer.

As an offshoot of my analysis of expert reports (see above), I can help to draft a series of questions, grounded in the expert report, that expose inconsistencies or inadequacies in the methodology underlying the expert's opinions.

Need Expert Software Help?

My 20+ years experience as a testifying expert makes me very efficient in taking on new assignments.

Request a CV, recommendations from previous clients, a draft engagement agreement, or other available materials via email.

As my email address indicates, I have been "in the business" for quite some time.

Litigation Support

Experienced Testifying Expert

Infringement & Invalidity Reports

Rebuttal Reports a Specialty

Rule 11 Research

Direct Examination Prep

Expert Training

New experts need more than "Just answer the question asked" to get them going.

I've been there. I know how to orient a technical person to operate in the peculiar world of litigation.

The experience of two decades as a testifying expert makes me very efficient in taking on new assignments. One good way of determining whether I can assist with your case is to request a CV, recommendations from previous clients, a draft engagement agreement, or other available materials.